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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia, Inc. (ECNV) has developed a series of fact sheets to provide accessible, updated information and referral on local disability-related resources. Our goal was to create IR resources that could be easily disseminated, updated at any time, focused on frequently requested topics and produced in alternative formats.

Please Note: This material was compiled by ECNV, Inc. Reproduction is encouraged with acknowledgement of the source. This FAQ is a working document to which information is often added. If you are aware of any changes, please contact Tony Trott at tonyt@ecnv.org.

ECNV is a consumer-directed resource and advocacy center supporting independent living for people with disabilities. This FAQ was developed to provide information on various resources for people in Northern Virginia. ECNV has no affiliation with any listing in this FAQ and offers neither endorsement nor recommendation.

FAQs may be ordered from any staff member at ECNV. Braille and larger print versions are easily available by request.

*Phone numbers are listed without parentheses around the area code; depending on where you live you  may be required to dial an area code to be connected.

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