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What is LEND?

Loudoun ENDependence (LEND) is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) Satellite Program of the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia. LEND provides peer counseling, mentoring, and other self-help services that are designed to increase the independence and self-sufficiency of Loudoun County residents who have disabilities and to promote those residents full participation in community life.

LEND is a program made possible by funding from the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services (VDRS) under the CIL Satellite Program, and through a Rehabilitative Services Incentive Fund (RSIF) grant from the Loudoun County Disability Services Board (LCDSB).

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What services does LEND provide?

LEND staff and participantAll of LEND staff are persons who have disabilities and they provide a unique combination of peer-based, self-help services that include:

  • Peer Counseling – LEND Peer Counselors assist individuals with disabilities to develop and work toward their own goals to achieve independence and self-reliance by providing peer mentoring, encouragement, and information about community resources and adaptive techniques as well as sharing insights and perspectives gained through their own experience of living with disability. Peer counseling can be provided on an individual basis and through support groups.
  • Independent Living Skills Training – LEND staff can provide specific training in adaptive skills and techniques that enhance one’s capacity to face the challenges of living with a disability and become more self-reliant, e.g., acquiring and learning to use assistive technology, learning to use public transportation when you can’t drive, making your home environment more accessible and usable, budgeting and money management, or acquiring the skills needed for effective personal assistance management.
  • Information and Referral Services – LEND staff can guide consumers and their families to information about community resources, public and private service providers and assistive technology vendors, disability rights laws and protections, and much more.
  • Advocacy Services – LEND staff include advocates experienced in assisting consumers with individual complaints and concerns or to organize and address communal and societal barriers, both physical and attitudinal.
  • Personal Assistance Registry and Referral Services – In cooperation with ECNV, LEND staff maintains a listing of individuals and organizations that provide assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and transferring, and with other tasks such as meal preparation, shopping and driving, to persons with disabilities who reside in, or work in, Loudoun.

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Who operates LEND?

LEND is a satellite program of the ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV). ECNV is a community resource and advocacy center run by and for people with disabilities. ECNV provides peer-based, self-help services to persons of all ages who have all types of disabilities. Loudoun County is part of ECNV’s service area, which also includes Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church.

ECNV is one of 16 Centers for Independent Living (CILs) in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A CIL is a community-based, non-residential, non-profit organization, which must be run by people with disabilities themselves and provide peer-based, self-help services on a cross-disability basis.

CILs are an outgrowth of the consumer self-help and disability rights movement. There are over 400 CILs nationwide.

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How did LEND start?

Several years ago, a group of Loudoun citizens who have disabilities expressed an interest in starting their own CIL in Loudoun County. That group worked with the ECNV Board of Directors to obtain the resources to start a CIL satellite, called LEND, which will operate as a satellite program of ECNV until it can secure sufficient funding to allow LEND to become a freestanding CIL. A group of Loudoun County citizens has formed a LEND Advisory Board to provide policy direction and oversight of LEND operations.

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How can You help?

You can help LEND by making donations of money or services and by supporting future funding for LEND and for CILs from local and state governments. Tax deductible contributions to further LEND projects can be made at ECNV for LEND.

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How does one contact LEND?

LEND Peer Counselors provide services to Loudoun County residents with disabilities and their families in LEND's office, their home, workplace, or other sites in the community, such as county buildings, libraries, and recreation and senior centers. 

Loudoun ENDependence (LEND)
44121 Harry Byrd Hwy, Suite 240
Ashburn, VA 20147
Voice/Relay: 571-291-9550 • Fax: 571-291-9552

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