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Learn what people say about Travel Training:

“When I started off, I had limited options as in regards to transportation. I am so glad and grateful that ECNV travel training came through for me because now I can not only use and be dependent on Metro Access to get to where I need to go but now I can use the regular buses 🚌 and most importantly because of that, I now have all the flexibility i need to get around from point A-Z. It is so great! I would recommend it for sure, no questions about it. I love that travel training is back in session!

Thank you so much,”


“Selvin is great. He delivered a hospital ben to me and now I am more comfortable, sleeping better and more independent. I can sit up a lot easier.”

Hannah has helped me with money follows the person which has provided me with things I would have never been able to afford. She always checks up on me when I am in the hospital and seems to really care! She is my favorite.

Alexa is helping me with housing and is great at referring me to people with what I need and always following up with me to make sure I am alright.”

Caroline S.

“Thank you again for the [travel] training, you have open a whole new world for me being that I haven’t taken a bus nor train in over 20 years. I especially want to thank you for the ramp to get the scooter out of the apartment. It was truly a surprise and a nice early birthday present. I also want to thank my Mentor Alexa. Just by knowing you for this short period of time, you have helped me a lot, and we sit down next month. You guys are great. Keep doing what you are doing. You help.”

ECNV Consumer

“Thanks very much for giving me a training for public transportation. Your teaching is very clear to me and I’m very grateful to have a teacher like you.”

ECNV Consumer

“I have been homeless for six months from October 2019 – March and i was trying to solve this big trouble through several means however I could not make it. And I am passing through difficult life in shelter because I am disabled. Finally since i start contact with ENDependence Center North Virginia (ECNV) my problems start to get solution in a few days. First I get Metro access application so that I able to use Metro access transportation. Second set an appointment for interview on March 21, 2019 to get voucher for housing. Third I had wheelchair problem and it is solved Iget nice electric power wheelchair from ECNV. I hope housing problem will be solved after the interview. Thank you so much Earnst for making me to get all this benefits and for being nice and for sharing my pains from bottom of your heart.”


These actions may be typical of tasks that all your colleagues undertake on a daily basis, but I had to share my experience because it was so rare for me. Andrew displayed professionalism, courtesy, and caring all throughout the process and made an otherwise cumbersome process as efficient and pleasant as possible.”

ECNV Consumer

“We were really impressed with your knowledge of the [public transportation] system and more importantly, your patience with [our son]. Thanks to your help he feels like he knows how to figure out his transportation options and is very confident in his ability to work the system. You have made a huge impact on his ability to transition from high school with a degree of independence.”

ECNV Consumer

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Learn what people say about our Advocacy and Medicaid Services:

“Shelby became a client of ECNV in the 4th grade when she received the EDCD waiver. No one told us about these services before that time—she could have received assistance much earlier—but once we were part of ECNV, things became better. Layo [ECNV’s Director of Medicaid Programs] helped us with finding personal aides, opportunities for Shelby with Therapeutic Recreation, modifications to our home through the EM waiver and a computer through the AT waiver. We could not have done this on our own since we were overwhelmed by the daily requirements of life. ECNV helped us as a family gain confidence in our ability to assist Shelby and prepare for the future.

ECNV also assisted us at IEP meetings, advocating for more accessibility in educational opportunities. Doris [ECNV’s Director of Advocacy and Outreach] is a relentless advocate—the velvet hammer in our arsenal. Shelby got everything she needed because of Doris’ involvement. I want to thank ECNV from the bottom of my heart for all the help it has given our family. As Shelby becomes ready for college and adulthood, I know that ECNV will be there to help her along the way.”

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Learn what people say about Peer Mentoring:

“You are our support system. We really rely on you for that special understanding, stability, caring and support. He has really grown and matured.”

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Learn what people say about Energy Share:

“I called Dominion and… a representative said they got the pledge from ECNV… so everything’s fine. It went through very well. Thank you for your help. Thank you to ECNV. I really appreciate it!”

“My reason for calling is to thank you so very much. I called Dominion Power. They said yes, you made the pledge on Thursday, and I just tried to call you back to thank you for your time and effort. I really appreciate that!”

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Learn what people say about Independent Living Skills:

“Earnst has been working with my son and attended the recent annual waiver meeting. I am so impressed with his superb insight and intelligence. His outstanding dedication is truly extraordinary. We have had so many people work with my son over the years, but Earnst is truly an amazing professional. Thank you so much.”

ECNV Consumer

“During my time with Earnst, the independent living skills trainer, I have found encouragement and understanding – he has been very empathetic. As a person with a disability, I like that with all the counselors at ECNV. He is a darn good teacher! He encourages me to push myself. He gives me tasks to better myself. I learned how to live more independently around my own house.”

Heather M.

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Special Mentions

“ECNV is the real thing!!! They helped y family more than anyone In 3 years including family. They truly care and work hard. The best organization of it’s kind. Tracee, Andrew, Ruchika and Selvin are my new heroes.”

Ecom Mail.

“I am a disabled senior citizen with many needs. I’m grateful to ECNV for all their assistance during some very challenging times for me. It’s clear that the people at ECNV really care about people they serve. Thank you!”

Lorry Dow.

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