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Section: 2014
SAVE the Ballston Pedestrian Skywalk!
ATTENTION - Arlington Residents With Disabilities and ANYONE who uses Ballston Metro Station and the covered pedestrian skywalks to get to Ballston Common Mall or nearby offices, shops, and residential buildings.
Disability Advocate Bill Ward, 10/22/1951-12/29/2014
Bill Ward, Director of Loudoun ENDependence (LEND), passed away on December 29, 2014. Loudoun County and the regional disability community have lost a great advocate, friend, and colleague.
James Brady, Also a Noted Disability Advocate
Disability can strike any person at any moment. Nobody personified this fact more than James S. Brady, who woke up able-bodied on March 30, 1981, but barely survived the day. Jim Brady, who passed away on August 4 at 73, was shot in the head during John Hinckley's assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.