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The Adventures of Living with a Disability, Episode IV

The Adventures of Living with a Disability, Episode IV
By: Brad Miles ECNV Board President 

Like the Star Wars saga, the storytelling begins somewhere in the middle.
I remember one of my summer jobs as a teen getting fired after I had been there a week.
The job was not a good fit. I worked in a hospital laundry. It was hot humid and also cold.
I could have predicted I would be fired the first day. This happened when I had my hands in my pockets keeping them warm because they were cold.  My manager told me to take them out. I hindsight, he only wanted to see if my hands were clean and groomed because I was handling hospital laundry. They were clean and well groomed but cold.
I hated the job because I got sick when I went to work and was exposed to humidity and cold.  I was born with an Autoinflammatory condition that I inherited from my father.  It is like an autoimmune condition.  I flare up  with different triggers like cold. It affects me in different ways. Simply said, I feel aweful when I have a flare.
This was not fun as I grew up in the midwest where we walked to school in the snow. Some have called the condition a disease, which has made me in my younger days feel less positive about having it.
I celebrate my disease regardless of what it is called. It's grown with me and I with it.  I have had several adventures and insights that got me where I am today.  They seem to never stop.
Along the way, I have learned to accept what I have after dealing with anger, sadness, depression and a roller coaster of other feelings.
I have been blessed to have opportunities to help others on their own journeys.  My adventures and insights seem to never stop.
Some are more challenging than others.  I have learned we are on this planet for a wonderful ride together. I am now in this adventure with you all at ECNV.
I found along the way there others like me with Autoinflammatory conditions.
August was Autoinflammatory Awareness Month.
So stay tuned, as our adventure continues. Please join us and celebrate who you are.
Brad Miles, ECNV, President of Board