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Cerebral Palsy Positive

Cerebral Palsey Positive
Blog post by: Karen Pleasant
Living with CP has never hindered me from accomplishing anything I set out to do and there are no intentions of changing that.
Cerebral Palsy Positive was launched out of frustration at the lack of medical knowledge beyond pediatrics. The medical community for some reason considers CP a “pediatric” condition and in the same breath defines it as a “lifelong” condition. The majority of human life is spent BEYOND the pediatric realm which to me makes it illogical that, until recently, the coexistence of the aging process & CP was ignored.
When things began changing a little over a decade ago, I wanted answers! Some orthopedics I contacted didn't bother to respond when asked about treating adults. Another ignored my description of the pain, stating “ You have tight hamstrings, we just have to deal with it.” Um, they've been tight my entire life….. 
Growing up, I was told that as long as I exercised to maintain flexibility, life would continue as I knew it. This is only partially true. The CP itself isn't getting worse, but the affect it has on our bodies is causing issues. Our bodies are built the same as everyone else's but don't operate the same muscularly which leads to strain on hips, spine, joints, etc.
This quest has led me to become a member of the Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) which is in the process of establishing treatment centers nationwide. A future goal of CP Positive is to obtain 501©3 status and become more involved with CPRN.