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Protect Your Heart

By: Elizabeth Kumar 
February is American Heart Month. During this month we are reminded of how important it is to keep our hearts as healthy as possible! Even through limitations, there are ways we can protect our heart. According to the Mayo Clinic, getting as active as possible can improve your mood, increase energy, relieve stress and even increase your self- esteem.
There are several ways to protect your heart. One is through diet. Depending on your activity level, portion control is a key element in keeping your heart healthy. A diet high in leafy greens, whole grains and fruits are an excellent way to stay healthy. It is important to limit saturated fat and avoid trans fat. Reducing sodium and eating low fat protein sources is also important.
The key to sticking to any diet is planning ahead allowing yourself a treat every now and then. Other than diet, destressing is another say to keep your heart healthy! There are many ways to do this in addition to exercise, many people do things they love such as meditation, getting creative, spending time with loved ones. It is important to set small goals for a greater chance of success when changing your lifestyle and having support can help move you into the right direction when protecting your heart! Before starting a new diet or exercise program please consult your physician.