How to Apply

  1. To start the application process, click here to download the application form:
  1. After completing the form, mail or fax to your local child development clinic. Click here to see the list of local CDCs:
  1. Upon receipt of the screening form at the local CDC, a screener will contact the individual or legal guardian to set-up an in person meeting to determine diagnostic and functional eligibility. During that meeting, the screener will conduct a Level of Functioning (LOF) Survey. This should be done within 45 days. Click here to see a sample of the LOF survey:
  1. Once the screening is complete, a letter will be sent notifying the applicant of his/her diagnostic and functional eligibility. If the individual is determined to be ineligible, it is possible to appeal the decision and the letter should include information regarding the right to appeal. If it does not, you should contact the VA DMAS at (804) 786-1465 to find out more about your options.

However, when an individual is determined to be functionally and diagnostically eligible for DD Waiver services, the screening team informs the individual (or family caregiver) of the individual’s eligibility in writing, and documents the individual’s choice of waiver or institutional care by obtaining signatures on the “Documentation of Consumer Choice between Institutional Care or Home and Community-Based Service.”

At this time, the individual is also provided with a list of case management providers. The individual must choose a case manager within ten calendar days from the date of the screening and notify the screening team. The screening team must then forward the screening materials to the selected case manager within ten calendar days of being notified of selection.

Please note, ECNV is a case management agency.

  1. Once the case manager has received notice of being selected, he/she will contact the individual within ten calendar days of receipt of screening materials and arrange a face-to-face meeting within 30 days to assess the individual’s situation, complete a social assessment, and develop an initial Plan of Care (POC). The case manager will then prepare the necessary paperwork and submit it the VA DBDHDS. The VA DBHDS will notify the individual of its decision in writing, with a copy to the case manager. This letter will alert the individual that he/she:
  1. Will be enrolled as requested; or
  2. Has been placed on the statewide waiting list; or
  3. That additional information is needed.

If the decision is to enroll the individual as requested, then the case manager will take the necessary steps to get the pre-authorization required for the requested services to be rendered, work with the individual and his/her family to get the requested services in place, and then monitor those services on a quarterly (three month) basis.

Due to the number of those on the waiting list, you will most likely be placed on the waiting list. Unfortunately, currently the waitlist is several years long. While you are on the waitlist, you will receive a yearly letter from VA DBHDS updating your waitlist number and giving you the opportunity to apply for emergency access to the DD waiver. Click here to see if you meet eligibility requirement for emergency DD waiver funding:

If for some reason the POC is denied, the case manager will notify the individual in writing of the denial and provide information about the individual’s appeal rights.

Other services you can access while on the DD waiver waitlist:

IFSP: and