How to Apply

In order to start the process, the individual must inform the institutional staff/social worker, the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA), the local Center for Independent Living (CIL), or the local Transition Coordinator Provider (TCP) of his/her interest in enrolling in MFP.

To find contact information for your local AAA, go to:
To find contact information for your local Virginia CIL, go to:
To find contact information for your local TCP, go to:
and scroll down under “Provider Type” to “Transition Coordinator”.

The worker will then review (over the phone or in person) with the individual, the individual’s desire to return to the community, discuss community-based service options, and discuss available housing options. After the individual has learned all of his/her community and facility based options, the individual must decide whether he/she would like to participate in MFP. The worker will then refer the individual to the appropriate AAA, CIL, TCP, and/or Case Manager (if enrolling in either the DD, ID, or Day Support Medicaid Waivers).

The TCP/Case Manager/worker will determine MFP eligibility—this may entail waiting to see if the individual qualifies for and will enroll (upon discharge from the facility) either the EDCD, DD, ID, or Day Support Medicaid Waivers or the PACE program.

Once the individual is found to be eligible for MFP, the TCP/Case Manager will meet with the individual to complete the MFP Informed Consent Form (DMAS-221) and the MFP Enrollment Form (DMAS-222). The TCP will submit these two forms and other necessary enrollment forms to the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and appropriate entities.

At the same meeting or at a later date, the individual and TCP/Case Manager will develop an appropriate Plan of Care (DMAS-220) that includes a back-up plan for essential services. The TCP/Case Manager will administer the Quality of Life Survey (DMAS-416) prior to the individual’s discharge from the facility and submit a copy to DMAS.

**Please Note: Completion of the forms and enrollment does not mean MFP participants will be able to transition out of the institution immediately. While all circumstances vary, participants, facilities, and TCPs should anticipate at least 6-8 weeks after enrollment in MFP for successful transitioning of the participant out of the institution.