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U.S. Department of State visits ECNV

International Visitor Leadership Program
U.S. Department of State Visits ECNV

The Endependence Center of Northern Virginia was visited by members of the United States Department of State International Leadership Program. Some of the objectives for this project includes examining innovative practices to enhance access to information for those with disabilites, look at inclusive educational practices in area schools and universtities, visit disability friendly cities in the U.S, and learn from private companies about investing in innovations in accessiblity.  The visitors included Simon Houriez, Director and Educational Designer for Signes de Sens, & Valérie Maurin-Dulac, Technical Advisor for Students with Special Educational Needs for Académie Limoges. Among the ECNV representatives were: James Garrett, Doris Ray, Selvin Garcia, Katelyn Johnston, and Earnst Ilang-Ilang II. Both parties discussed the need for effective institutional regulation in terms of individuals with disabilities, the mission and vision of ECNV, as well as the programs that ECNV offers (ILS, Travel Training, Advocacy, Information and Referral, and Peer Counseling). Doris Ray also gave a history of Center’s for Independent Living within the United States. Overall, the meeting was a success, with our visitors stating that they learned a lot from their visit and continued their visits to other major cities in the US.