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Disability and Mental Health

Connecting with others supports mental health and this is especially important for persons with disabilities. There are many support groups out there, but where can you find them? ECNV can help!

  • NAMI Family Support Group is a support group for family members, significant others and friends of people with mental health conditions. Gain insight from the challenges and successes of others facing similar experiences.
  • Our Stomping Ground Young Adult Virtual Meet-up
  • People First and ALLY Toastmasters is an advocacy organization designed for and run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Deaf Seniors Stay Connected allows ASL college students to meet virtually.
  • 21 Shades of Virginia, is a support group for families expecting or raising an African-American or interracial child with Down Syndrome.
  • AccessLiving has a regular online Mental Health Peer Support Group for persons with disabilities.
  • Dis-Queer is a nationwide community group for LGBTQIA+ individuals with disabilities.
  • Neurodiverse Peer Support Group is a peer-lead, peer-supported safe space for neurodiverse individuals where we share resources, insight, and personal stories.
  • Infinity ABA Parent Connect is a support group for parents with children with disabilities.
  • Parenting Disabilities is a group where parents come together to support and empower each other as they raise children with disabilities.

In addition, beginning April 10th, all Fairfax County Public Schools students can access mental health teletherapy services, at no cost to families. Families must first opt-in before requesting service.

Also, read more about 988 Mental Health Crisis Line is Live in the Region, and Nationwide.

All of these are free to join, and we also invite the disability community to let us know if there is a support group out there that is not listed here, to please let us know about it and it can be added to this resource! 

Stay happy, stay healthy! 

Discapacidad y salud mental

Conectarse con otros apoya la salud mental y esto es especialmente importante para las personas con discapacidades. Hay muchos grupos de apoyo por ahí, pero ¿dónde puedes encontrarlos?  ¡ECNV puede ayudar! 

Todos estos son gratuitos para unirse, y también invitamos a la comunidad de personas con discapacidad a informarnos si hay un grupo de apoyo que no se encuentra en la lista aquí, ¡infórmenos al respecto y se puede agregar a este recurso!

¡Mantente feliz, mantente saludable!