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ECNV Listening Sessions Series

The first discussion of ECNV’s Listening Series, Let’s Talk About Disability Employment features Jennifer McDonough, a Project Director with Virginia Commonwealth University and jobs search specialist for people with disabilities, talking with ECNV’s Agents of Change Marcos Castillo, Joshua Wilson, D’Arcee Neal and Teresa Champion. This conversation focused on American society’s response to disability employment in the pandemic and why remote work may or may not be a possibility for everyone. We also discussed the role that businesses (both small and corporate) have to play in hiring disabled people and how to confront the fear that ableism presents for the disabled community in finally getting the job you deserve.

The second video of ECNV’s Listening Session series, Developer Discussion: The Future of ADA Housing speakers D’Arcee Charington Neal, Emma Budway, Joshua Wilson and Teresa L. Champion talked with Kenyatta Green, Senior Vice President of Affordable Housing from Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority about the state of housing for people with disabilities.