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ECNV Travel Training Now Serving Loudoun County

Now that Metro has extended services, did you know that ECNV can also help you with other ways to experience the freedom to travel where you want to go?

  • Wayfinding – You’ve gotten off the Metro at Reston Town Center, now what? We can show you how to use different tools to be able to navigate and walk, bike, roll, or whatever you need to do to get from where you are looking to go.
  • Safety First – Your parent is worried that you can’t travel independently. You are not sure whether this is the right bus. You missed your stop. Having the freedom to take the bus independently is a big step. We will listen to any concerns you have and plot out the easiest and safest way to get to where you want to go and back again. We will keep practicing with you and walk through different scenarios until you are comfortable and confident you can travel to where you want to go independently,
  • Trip and Route planning – Want to plan your own trip now that you’ve got the skills to ride the bus and metro? ECNV Travel Trainers can help you use the tools at your disposal to plan your own trips independently.
  • Advocacy and Access to WMATA Disability Services – We can help you to apply for Metro Access, Disability Reduced Fare, or obtain a Senior Smartrip Card (age 65+). We can coach you to advocate for your needs and guide you on how to use those services.
  • Bicycle Route Training – Have a bike or e-bike? We can help you learn to utilize multi-modal transportation options. You will have more flexibility if you can ride your bike to a bus stop, properly secure it, and safely navigate on bike paths, safe biking lanes, and sidewalks where allowed. We can also coach you on how to be safe and smart using your electric bike to tackle more hills and miles more easily than a regular bike.
  • Driver Confidence Assistance – Licensed to drive in Virginia, but need to boost your confidence? ECNV staff can accompany you as you drive to help build confidence.

ECNV travel trainers can also help you apply for Disability Reduced Fare, a half price smartrip card for people with disabilities who are able to ride bus and metro. Senior Smartrip (if you are over 65 years of age, also a discount card).

If your disability makes it so that some of the time you are not able to take the bus and Metro, ECNV travel trainers can also help navigate the Metro Access Application, which enables the door-to-door transportation throughout the Northern VA, DC, and DC suburbs of VA area covered by WMATA. For more information, please contact, Andrew Shaw – andrews@encv.org.