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Introducing New ECNV Board Member Susan Picerno

Susan Picerno believes that opportunities for people with disabilities are greatest when “all boats rise on the tide together.” She dedicates her life to the equity and inclusion of people with disabilities, including those from intersectional groups.

A graduate of the top graduate school for social work in the United States, Ms. Picerno has particular interest and expertise in asset development for the members of the disability community and in disability employment policy.

She is a Commissioner twice over for the City of Alexandria: first as a vice-chair of the Alexandria Commission on Persons with Disabilities, and secondly, on the Alexandria Commission for Employment, Alexandria’s workforce board.

She currently works as a work incentives coordinator in southern Maryland and was previously staffed as an assistant secretary in a disability policy agency in the federal government.

She sincerely hopes that young people with disabilities and those who are newly disabled realize what an asset they have in ECNV, the voice of the local disability community.