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Leap Awards 2018

Congratulations LEAP 2018 Winners!

Arlington, VA, September 30. 2018 - The ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia would like to congratulate LEAP winners for being selected as this year’s LEAP awards recipients. Each year, The ENDependence Center of Northern Virginia (ECNV), through a grant from the HSC Foundation, provides the LEAP awards to support youth and young adults with disabilities in transitioning to the next step in their lives and careers.

Meet Our Winners! 
Cali Willcockson is working on a degree in International Studies with a focus in Global Business and a minor in Media Communications. She will also be working on a TEFL certificate this year and is currently an International Student Mentor. With this LEAP award and TEFL certificate, Cali will be better able to successfully complete her college and career goals. Fulfilling her dream of working with the International community through advocacy and policy making, to create a positive difference on a Global level.
"With this LEAP award I will be better able to fulfill my dream of working with the International community to create a positive difference on a Global level, through advocacy and policy making."  - Cali Willcockson

Christy is currently i getting her MA in Intelligence at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School.  She previously served as a student government Senator. Christy is visually impaired and will use the iPad voiceover capabilities to help with her graduate school assignments. She is graduating in May 2019 with a federal job offer upon graduation.

Thinh is currently enrolled in college at George Mason. He is visually impaired and will use the Ruby Video Magnifier to help him do his assignments during his freshmen year at George Mason. He is majoring in music.

Anthony is in high school and has Autism. Having laptop will help him communicate with teachers and his friends. He will also use the laptop to learn Microsoft office. He plans to bring the laptop to the library to do homework and to study. 

Maya is currently a senior in high school and is already an advocate for people with disabilities. She has spoken at various events. Maya has OI and she has limited use of her right side due to a stroke.  The Livescribe 3 pen will help her record what the teacher is saying during class and take notes on special paper.  She plans to go to college and major in cyber security.

 Naya is in high school. She has an intellectual disability and is a visual learner.  Naya will use the iPad and pencil to help her meet her current IEP goals and opportunity for more inclusion in school. She is very interested in art and technology and she will use various apps on the iPad to help her explore her interests and possibly obtain gainful employment for the future. Naya plans to apply for the George Mason life program.