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New Chapter for Selvin Garcia

After 21 years, Selvin Garcia, Director of Operations will leave ECNV for a position in the federal government on December 2, 2022

Selvin recently shared his sentiments, “I’m happy for the new opportunity and sad to leave ECNV after 21 years. This was a very difficult decision to make considering how much I care about ECNV and my work here, but this is a new opportunity for me. I want to thank everyone for being a part of our ECNV family and supporting independence and pride in our disability community. I have learned so much during my time here. I will miss immensely the honor of working with everyone I have met at ECNV and the community.”

Selvin has been the “jack of all trades” at ECNV with varied rolls and responsibilities including assistive technology technical assistance, conference organizer, building security officer, accessibility and reasonable accommodations lead, travel trainer, travel training contract manager, durable medical equipment donation coordinator, statistician, logistics support, and independent living manager. Selvin was also the keeper of the myriad organizational processes that included invoice management, monetary donation tracking, on boarding, internal controls, and audit preparation. He has guided ECNV through two office relocations and provided ongoing training and assistance to staff.

ECNV Executive Director, Dominique Dunford-Lack congratulated Selvin on his new appointment. “Selvin has been a part of so much we have accomplished at ECNV and is a part of our heart and our history. We wish him well at his new position.”