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New Phone App Helps Drivers with Disabilities Fuel Up

There is a new phone app that is quickly gaining popularity among the drivers with disabilities community and it is called fuelService.

fuelService, which is free to download for iPhone and Android, asks what type of fuel you need for your car and then it searches for the nearest gas station that can help you. Once you have selected your station, you can press a green button within the app to Ask For Assistance. If the station can help, then you can drive to it and notify the station once you have arrived, and someone will help you.

You can also pay for service via the app and rate the station for other users. Additionally, if you do not use a smartphone, you can still use the app by dialing their interactive voice service or by sending an SMS TXT message. Just enter the gas station number and your pump number. fuelService then contacts the station for you.

The app and two of ECNV’s Board of Directors were also featured on NBC4Washington.com. You can find out more about fuelService on their website.