Multicultural Families

ECNV Disability Nonprofit Accelerator Initiative

The Disability Nonprofit Accelerator Initiative works with grassroots efforts in our community supporting disabled people by offering opportunities for office space, funding, 501(c)(3) support, and trainings. One of our 2021 partners is Multicultural Families.

About Multicultural Families (MF)

Our purpose is to ensure that all children will have access to a great education and successful life, through family, school, community and business partnerships including children with disabilities. Our programs are not limited to what happens in school. We believe that the family, schools, communities and businesses must work together, not only with schools to promote student academic success, as well as positive children’s health, wellness, and opportunities. Through information and partnerships families and their children will see how their hopes and dreams can become their future realities.


MF offers FREE programs by applying multifaceted educational curriculum focused on providing families with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to help their children succeed in school and in life including those receiving special education. The MF will help families of diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds grow as individuals, parents and leaders. The Multicultural Families offer to the parents’ programs that provide the skills, abilities and attitudes necessary to their effectiveness as role models for their children. During the MF program parents are encouraged to become engaged in their children’s education to achieve academic and an independent life success. The MF workshops are conducted in both English and Spanish. Each workshop contains a series of classes, participant discussions, and cultural activities.

Rosalia Fajardo
Executive Director/CEO

  • 2300 Clarendon Blvd unit 250
  • Arlington VA.22201
  • 571-503-8083
  • Facebook: Multicultural Family and Education Center.