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The FCPS Flash Forward Postsecondary Options Fair

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Rosalia Fajardo and Pansy Walker attended the FCPS Flash Forward Postsecondary Options Fair at Woodson High School on April 26, 2023.  This event is designed to provide students with disabilities seeking a standard or advanced diploma (and their families) an introduction to options available after high school.

Pansy Walker (ECNV Staff) discussing Transitional services offered by ENDependence Center of Northern VA.  Approximately 75 people stopped by the table to pick up flyers or ask question

La Feria de Opciones Post Secundarias Flash Forward de FCPS

Rosalia Fajardo y Pansy Walker asistieron a la feria de opciones postsecundarias Flash Forward de FCPS en Woodson High School el 26 de abril de 2023. Este evento está diseñado para brindarles a los estudiantes con discapacidades que buscan un diploma estándar o avanzado (y a sus familias) una introducción a las opciones disponibles después de la secundaria. escuela.