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Time for Changes in Policing and Criminal Legal System

ECNV is saddened by the horrific news and retraumatizing of our communities involving the violence enacted upon the victims in the Lunar Year Celebration in Monterey, California, Tyre Nichols, and Melia Jones. ECNV believes in the immediate need for reformation in policing and the criminal legal system. And we hope for the pursuit of justice and answers for local Alexandrian Melia Jones and her family.  

Dear Community,

I want to make sure you are aware of two positions that you will see ECNV affirm under my leadership, as Executive Director:

In reference to what is known as the criminal justice system, I think it is apparent to most (if not all) of us that there is too little justice enacted in support of disabled lives, black and brown lives, financially vulnerable lives, LGBTQ+ lives, immigrant lives, and other communities living on the margin in America and locally in Northern Virginia. ECNV and I (personally and in my capacity as Executive Director) will always refer to the “criminal legal system” rather than the criminal justice system.

In addition, ECNV will never, in any capacity, support the training of people with special needs in “stopping exercises” when they come into contact with security forces. The inhumane treatment, and the killing of Tyre Nicholas, is nothing but a constant confirmation that the degree of compliance of black and dark-skinned communities is not sufficient to secure their safety. The police and the criminal system must respect the rights of all its citizens and stop marginalizing people.