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Two New Projects for Alexandrians with Disabilities

ECNV is pleased to announce two grants to help Alexandrians with disabilities from the City of Alexandria Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) and ACT for Alexandria with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Contact us at ECNV if you would like to learn more – info@ECNV.org.

Alexandria Assistance for People With Disabilities Project will build our capacity to help Alexandria residents with disabilities navigate and access disability-related and non-disability-related services and programs. This grant recognizes ECNV for the deep trusted relationships established through our Alexandria Covid-19 Vaccination Initiative and will build our capacity to connect Alexandrians with disabilities and their families to a broader array of services. We will focus our outreach to African American, Spanish-speaking and immigrant communities through experienced service navigators who can connect people with with needed assistance and services.

Alexandria Emergency Support for People With Disabilities Project will provide ECNV funds for emergency assistance for unmet emergency needs that cannot be funded through other programs. These may include:

  • Getting parts and repairs to keep a person’s wheelchair working so that they can leave their homes.
  • Durable Medical Equipment that we cannot provide through donations including walkers, hospital beds, manual, motorized, and bariatric wheelchairs.
  • Funds to pay for recruitment of personal care attendants through Care.com, Indeed, or an agency.
  • Co-pays to get needed health, mental health, medical care, and prescriptions; or payment for services not covered through insurance
  • Emergency food, rental assistance, eviction prevention, housing, and other services..
  • Tablets, laptops, and technology to be able to connect to the internet for distance services or learning
  • Respite care when not available through other means.