Webinar and Workshop Archive

June 18, 2020
Recording: ADA30 Trip Down Memory Lane Part I 
Presented by: James Weisman
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July 06, 2020
Recording: ADA30 Trip Down Memory Lane Part II
Presented by: Bobby Sliverstein and Thomas Kelley
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May 8, 2020
Recording: Know Your Rights! Disability Law in Fair Housing 
Presented by:  (HUD) William (Billy) Lynch | Meryl J. Kanofsky | Jeanine LaFratta
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August 6, 2020
Recording: Navigating Housing Options in Northern Virginia 
Presented by: Alexa Mavroidis and Tracee Garner 
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Service Animals
February 19, 2020
Topic: Service Animal Workshop PPT by dLSV February 2020

Presented by: Shelesha Taylor and Joliefawn Liddell
Website: dLSV